I’m Libre. I write books and stories that are sensual, erotic, usually romantic, and often have a psychological edge. In my writing, I seek to stimulate the body, mind, and intellect.  This site is home to a blog on an eclectic mix of topics – often but not only on writing, the writing process, and on erotica, and sexuality.
These pages also give you details about my books, below, available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and all Amazon Worldwide.

NEW RELEASE Opening the Rose, at http://a.co/cufu76D
 Contact me by July 22 for a Free Review Copy.

Books click on covers to read an extract or on covers for more information.

Opening the Rose
Calyx series part 2
Full-length novel

In the Calyx

Calyx series part 1

Full-length novel

All Hallows’-Eve Rites

Laying the Ghosts of Christmas


Author web page: Amazon author page.

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